The Exact Amount Of Wine You’ll Need To Survive This Storm – According To Smart Weatherman

Twitter / Lee Hawn

With some of the coldest weather all year, this handy “wine forecast” is what everybody needs to ensure they can weather the storm while snowed-in.

The Midwest is already covered in this fluffy white stuff, and the East Coast just got their dose of it in full-force. The storm caused all sorts of trouble for flights and left drivers with dangerous conditions on almost every road they tried to drive.

Even the National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for at least 15 states all along the Eastern Seaboard.

Even more winter weather is coming for the US and the central part of the country has already been put on notice for another storm coming today and continued chills through Friday morning.

So, what a better way to weather the storm than to kick back with a glass (or bottle) of your favorite wine and keep all warm and cozy until it’s safe to come outside again?

Well, one hysterical fan of the local news put their favorite weatherman in the spotlight and he jumped at the opportunity to share this funny “wine forecast” for all of his viewers to follow – you know, in case they were wondering.

Instead of your standard temperatures or precipitation being displayed on the radar map, they outfitted it with the “recommended wine bottles” for how deep you’d be buried in the snow!

The image, which was retweeted by the weatherman pictured, WPVI Meteorologist Chris Sowers, had been originally crafted by a wine-loving fan and quickly went viral…and continues to make its rounds all across social media.

It’s snow joke that this weather will be rough, so take our word for it – go get yourself a few boxes of your favorite wine before the roads are too rough to leave home!