The Super Worm Moon Happens Tonight – Here’s What It Means

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This is the last time until February 2020 that you’ll be able to witness a Super Moon – and this one is the most important.

Finishing out the year’s bevy of wild celestial events is the 2019 Super Worm Moon and the meaning behind this unique Super Moon is one that will have any real Southerner all riled up.

So, What Exactly Is A “Super Worm Moon?”

This full moon which is called the Super Worm Moon is technically two things: a Super Moon and a Worm Moon. Together, they make the Full Worm Spring Super Moon (or Super Worm Moon for short) – and it occurs during the spring equinox 2019…which makes it extra special.

To begin – a “Super Moon” is when a new or full moon coincides with the closest point to Earth during its orbit cycle. This is a monthly cycle. Super Moons happen approximately every 14 months.

So, the super moon just means that the moon is really close to earth and appears massive in the sky during its full moon phase.

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For hundreds of years, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been outlining celestial events and detailing how they come together with helpful information for those working in agriculture to get the most out of each.

For the Super Worm Moon, this means the start of spring for the world, but this particular year carries something special with it…

The last time the full moon and spring equinox coincided this closely in time was in March 2000 – but the last time they were on the same exact date was all the way back on March 20th, 1981!

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Why Do We Call It The Worm Moon?

The 2019 Super Worm Moon is the third and final consecutive Super Moon of the year. The moon will appear much brighter, bigger, and closer than other moons – especially if the sky is clear and very dark. The best places to see it will be outside of the city and away from clouds or fog.

Following tradition, most folks refer to the Full Moon in March as the “Full Worm Moon” but there have been other names for it – such as the Full Sap Moon.

It is called the Worm Moon because, during this time of year, you’ll see earthworm casts appear, robins feeding on the worms and more signs of spring. It’s also called the Sap Moon because in some parts of the world, this is the time of year that maple trees start to flow with sap – and that’s been a staple in American homes for hundreds of years.

When And Where Can I See The Super Worm Moon?

Each location is different, but in the Eastern Time Zone, you will be able to see the moon at its highest point on March 20th, 2019 at approximately 9:43 P.M., but it will begin to rise shortly before that.

If you are in a different location or want specific details for your exact city and state, check out the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Moon Phase Calendar.

Check out the full video about this wild and rare Super Worm Moon that falls on the Spring Equinox below!