The Unimaginable Reason Derek Hough Was Bullied


Looking at the always handsome Derek Hough, it’s almost impossible to think that this confident, and incredibly talented, man was ever a victim of bullying and experienced the all too common struggle of fitting in. As Hough opened up to 24 Hours, he revealed heartbreaking memories of unfair encounters with bullies and how his desire to dance pulled him from his darkest days.

He explained,

“As a kid, I didn’t fit in. I hated school so much. I loved learning but I didn’t like the social aspect of school. I found myself going to six different schools because I was getting into fights and being bullied. For me, finding dance was such a refuge. Dance offered me a great community and one I really felt a part of. It motivated me and I grew.”

Hough also delved into his battle with acne, claiming that he heavily channeled his emotions and insecurities into his dancing, believing that improving and perfecting his skills would be the significant confidence boost that he was able to control.

“I felt so insecure with my skin that I wanted to be really good as an artist so people didn’t see my skin, you know? As silly as it sounds, that’s how I survived,” Hough admitted.

And perfect his dance moves he did! The veteran on the hit dance competition Dancing With The Stars has been wowing viewers this season with his current dance partner Marilu Henner! Be sure to tune into the ABC show and vote for your favorite couples!