This Dog Will Sing Country, But Not Cardi B

RN & a Bully / YouTube

People tend to have their own taste in music. For this one pup, it is pretty obvious what kind of sound gets him howling. Literally.

Not A Fan Of Rap

During a normal day of sitting on the couch and chewing on a toy, Tank the American bully became an Internet superstar. As his owner asks Alexa to play “Cardi B” Tank’s ears perk up and he tilts his head. You can hear Cardi’s voice in the background but overall, Tank looks unamused by the female rapper.


But When Country Comes On…

After a few minutes listening to Cardi B, the owner tells Alexa to play “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton – and Tank goes wild. He starts howling right along with the bluesy country tune.

RN & a Bully / YouTube

Tennessee Whiskey

Chris Stapleton re-envisioned the classic David Allan Coe and George Jones tune for his 2015 album, Traveller. It skyrocketed his singing career after years of being a behind the scenes writer. One listen, and you’ll understand why.

It is no wonder Tank loved the song so much that he wanted to sing right along! You can watch him howling away in the hilarious video below!