Tim McGraw Makes Your Heart Ache With Sorrowful “If You’re Reading This”

Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2017/Getty Images

Penned by the country superstar himself, this mournful ballad was brought to life as a tribute to military families who had lost a loved one as part of war and quickly became one of the most treasured memorial songs in country music.

Tim McGraw alongside his two co-writers became inspired to write “If You’re Reading This” after poring over a magazine write-up about the casualties of war, and together, the three of them crafted a story that is so deep, it can make nearly anyone cry.

Written as a series of letters from a deployed soldier speaking to his family, this song details the unimaginable heartbreak of someone writing down his last goodbyes to his mother, father, and his beloved wife.

The song wasn’t released to radio until its incredible debut at the 2007 Academy of Country Music Awards where he performed it live, for the first time, and was joined by 100 relatives of fallen soldiers with a huge banner that read “Families of Fallen Heroes”. The performance was so moving it brought the entire stadium to their feet.

This live recording of his very first performance is one that will easily send chills down your spine. Listen to the full song in the video below.

God bless all of those who serve and their families.