Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Donate Blood To Help Develop COVID-19 Treatment.

Tom Hanks / Instagram

Without a doubt, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were very fortunate to survive their recent bout with COVID-19. At the time they were diagnosed, the couple was in Australia starting production on a movie about Elvis Presley where Hanks will play the role of Presley’s longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Both Hanks and Wilson were two of the first celebrities to share with the public that they had contracted COVID-19. After they were released from the hospital they both went into quarantine and have since then fully recovered.

Hanks even hosted the remote episode of Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Earlier this week, both Hanks and Wilson donated blood as part of an ongoing study to hopefully develop a treatment for COVID-19. Since they have battled the virus and recovered, they have the antibodies in their plasma that can attack the virus. Researchers are currently evaluating whether or not this plasma from recovered individuals can be used as treatment for patients with serious or life-threatening COVID-19 infections.

This isn’t the only thing they’re doing to help. Wilson partnered up with hip hop trio, Naughty By Nature to raise funds for MusiCares, a company that provides help and support to musicians in times of need. MusiCares has recently launched a relief fund for musicians who are out of work due to the ongoing pandemic.

Check out the video below to see the remix of “Hip Hop Hooray”.