Brad Paisley Helps Color Wife Kimberly’s Hair In Quarantine

Kimberly Williams-Paisley / Instagram

Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, have been in quarantine for many days. The couple has made the most of their time spent at home, and has been doing their part to help their fans and communities.

The pair opened a free grocery store, called The Store, which provides groceries to those in need. The Store was something Brad and Kimberly already planned to open before the pandemic, but rushed to open it early when they saw the increased need for goods in their community.

At this time, The Store is offering a free, weekly grocery delivery service to senior citizens so they don’t have to go out into the world and put themselves at risk.

In addition to kicking off The Store’s delivery service, Brad and Kimberly have been keeping their fans entertained through social media and other means. Brad hosted a livestream concert with special guests Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, and Chris Young, which Kimberly helped run. He also participated in one of the Opry’s Saturday night livestreams and joined a Zoom call for a fan’s virtual birthday party.

As for Kimberly, she has been entertaining her followers with some comedic videos. On day 26 of her quarantine, she joked she had “turned a corner” and was in a better mood.

She moved around her kitchen, showing she had plenty of soap, clean towels, and wine to last her for some time. Then, she moved the camera to briefly show Brad, who was tied up in the corner of the pantry with tape over his mouth.

Kimberly didn’t even acknowledge Brad was there, and proclaimed, “I think I’ve finally figured it out!” Fans loved her video, since many have also found themselves stressed out after being trapped inside with their partner for so long.

Don’t worry…Kimberly eventually set Brad free! After all, she needed him to help out with a few things.

Nearly 40 days into their quarantine, Kimberly’s hair was in need of a little TLC. Hair salons were closed at that time, so when Kimberly needed to dye her roots, she enlisted Brad to be her quarantine hairdresser.

Kimberly filmed the experience from start to finish. It was obvious she was worried how her hair would turn out with Brad in charge, and she made worried faces at the camera while he prepared to go in with the dye.

Brad joked with her the entire time, saying his new role as a hairdresser was going to ruin his image. Kimberly responded by thanking him for his help, to which he jokingly replied “Shut up.”

You can watch the whole thing go down in the video below, and see how Kimberly’s hair turned out in the end!