Home Security Camera Films Strangers Capturing Alligator In Florida

Brandon Taylor / Facebook

Brandon Taylor from Port Rickey, Florida received a notification on his phone from his security surveillance camera installed by his front door. It was late in the night so he clicked on the notification to see what it was all about.

At first, he saw three men standing outside his home creeping towards the front door. However, these guys weren’t there to burglarize the place or do anything illegal. They were simply trying to catch a small alligator that had run over to Brandon’s property.

The men noticed the security camera and one of them said, “Hey there’s an alligator at your door, sorry.”

Another guy commented after him saying, “Don’t freak out. We’re not trying to do anything. Just trying to capture the gator.” 

Two of them stood back and filmed the third guy as he bent down before leaping onto the gator. He wrestled it until he could safely grab it behind the neck. Once it was successfully captured he picked it up and the men took off walking towards the road.

Brandon posted the video to his Facebook on Saturday, April 11th, 2020 and five days later it had been watched over 190,000 times. His post was captioned, “This may be the most Florida thing ever to happen to us.” 

Watch The Strangers Capture The Gator Below