Tom Hanks Says He & Wife Are Fever-Free One Week After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Rita Wilson / Instagram

Beloved actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson traveled to Australia last week to begin pre-production on his next project, a movie titled Elvis. Hanks will be portraying Elvis Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker.

While there, the couple began feeling “a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches.” Along with chills and slight fevers, both Hanks and Wilson were tested for coronavirus and “were found to be positive.”

One day after Hanks and Wilson revealed their diagnoses to the public, the award-winning actor took to social media once again. He shared a selfie of he and his wife and wrote, “Hello folks. @ritawilson and I want to thank everyone here Down Under who are taking such good care of us. We have Covid-19 and are in isolation so we do not spread it to anyone else.”

He continued, “There are those for whom it could lead to a very serious illness. We are taking it one-day-at-a-time. There are things we can all do to get through this by following the advice of experts and taking care of ourselves and each other.”

On March 15, Hanks updated fans once again, this time sharing a photo of toast lathered in the Australian spread Vegemite along with a plush kangaroo holding an Australian flag.

Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other,” he wrote.

Hanks’s rep confirmed with CNN on Monday (March 16) that he and his wife were able to leave the hospital and are now in self-quarantine at their home in Queensland. The couple will remain in self-quarantine for some time in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now in self-quarantine, Hanks and Wilson are still recovering from COVID-19.

Hanks said that while they don’t have fevers anymore, “the symptoms are much the same.” Little tasks like folding laundry or doing the dishes make them so tired, they have to take naps afterwards.

Ironically, Hanks also told his fans that he brought a typewriter with him to Australia, and the brand of typewriter is “Corona.”

To pass the time, Wilson and Hanks have played lots of Gin Rummy and Hanks has perfected the amount of Vegemite to put on toast, after getting called out by countless fans!

The actor also urged fans to “flatten the curve,” meaning to self-quarantine and to continue to practice good handwashing techniques, and be diligent about keeping surfaces and workspaces sanitary.