Sadie Robertson Shares New Sneak Peek From Wedding Video

Sadie Robertston Huff / Instagram

On November 25, 2019, Sadie Robertson married Christian Huff during a ceremony that took place on her parents’ property in Louisiana. The young Duck Dynasty star announced her union the following day with a post on social media.

forever, me and you,” she wrote alongside a photo showing her and Christian in their wedding attire.

Even though Sadie and Christian’s wedding was months ago, she has continued to fill her social media feed with photos and videos from that special day.

In January, Sadie happily shared the first sneak peek clip from her and Christian’s wedding video.we have already watched it like 100 times and get giddy every time,” Sadie said about the clip.

The clip contains footage from the couple’s ceremony and reception, and also features their “first look” moment.

Now, well over two months later, Sadie finally has a new sneak peek to share from her wedding video!

This clip is a little shorter than the first one Sadie shared, but is just as heartwarming to witness. The footage shows Sadie and Christian before their wedding as Sadie prayed to God and thanked him for bringing Christian into her life.

…thank you for this man,” Sadie said, as she went on to thank God for how kind, incredible, and strong Christian is.

I thank you that he gets to be my husband,” she added.

After Sadie finished praying, she and Christian said “amen” and shared a kiss. You can watch that touching moment in the clip below.

Now that we’ve seen these two sneak peeks, we can’t wait to watch Sadie’s full wedding video when it’s finished!