Tornado Flips Truck, It Lands Back On Its Wheels & Drives Away

Brian Emfinger / YouTube

The tornado that swept through Elgin, Texas this past week has left many areas in the state in piles of debris and the video footage is starting to hit the internet.

Storm Chaser Brian Emfinger posted a wild and crazy video to Twitter of a twister tearing across the road and going directly towards a red Chevy truck that was coming down the highway.

The strong winds was smashing through buildings on the side of the road and throwing debris into the air. The tornado was even ripping down the powerlines and causing sparks to fly.

The winds were so strong, they took the red Chevy truck and turned it on its side, spun it around in circles, and then put it back down to the ground on all four wheels.

The occupants in the truck were very lucky to have made it out alive and realizing their good luck, they continued on with driving down the road.

The storm chaser also posted more footage from the “unbelievable” tornado moving 200 miles per hour across the countryside.

“The truck gets caught in the tornado, blown over on its side, spins around, and then the tornado blows it back right side up and amazingly somehow they drive away,” Brian wrote on YouTube.

Watch Footage Of The Tornado Below