Turkey Pulled Out Of Grille Comes Back To Life

Caters Clips / YouTube

Back on January 11, 2021, Heather Clark filmed a video of her dad, Jack, pulling a turkey out of the grille of her car after the bird ran in front of her vehicle and was hit.

Heather said before it happened, she was driving down the road in Oakland, Oregon at about 50mph.

She said it was foggy, so she really just felt a light hit to the front of her car and she pulled over to stop and see what happened.

The Daily Mail reported her saying, “I pulled over to see what it was and I noticed I must have hit a bird of some kind. So I went back home to wake my dad up and asked for his help to get the bird out of the front grille of my car. He helped me and as you can see on the video it was a turkey and it was alive!”

Caters Clips / YouTube

The video shows a full-grown turkey embedded deep into the grille.

Heather pulled out her phone to film as Jack grabbed the bird by the wing in an attempt to pull it out of its predicament.

You can hear the grille crackling and making all kinds of strange noises as he slowly pulled it out.

You would think there’s no way it’s alive, but as he pulled its lifeless body out of the vehicle, the bird hit the ground running!

Watch The Turkey Get Pulled Out Of The Grille Below