Two Bowhunters Capture Bear Attacking Them On Video

RM Videos / YouTube

Two bowhunters Caleb and Shanon were hunting near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada when they filmed themselves getting charged at and attacked by a grizzly bear.

The two hunters were sitting in a bush near a lake while their sights were set on a wildlife feeding barrel that was beginning to attract animals.

As the hunters looked on, they spotted a mother bear walking up to the barrel with her two cubs and it was a very peaceful and beautiful thing to see.

Everything was totally fine however until the mother bear looked over at them and started getting aggravated she and her cubs were being watched by humans very near to them.

RM Videos / YouTube

The mother bears quickly charged toward the hunters and tackled Caleb to the ground.

At that point, Shanon started kicking the bear in the head multiple times to get her off of Caleb. The bear finally backed off but the battle wasn’t over yet. She charged at them again.

The chaos caused Shanon to fall down to the ground on his back and the bear went directly for him. To make it worse, he cut himself with his own knife in the process of falling, but fortunately, Caleb made it to his feet and stood in the way, defending Shanon.

The hunters yelled, screamed, and made themselves look bigger trying to scare the bear away. Luckily, the bear eventually backed off and ran back into the woods with her cubs. Both men escaped with only minor injuries and a wild story to tell!

“‘You don’t have to kill something to have a good hunt.’ EPIC STATEMENT! Well done gentlemen. Safe journey,” Johnny Bush wrote in the comments on the video.

Watch Footage Of The Bear Attack Below