Two Country Singers Leave Coaches Stunned With Heartbreaking Ballad

YouTube/The Voice

Each coach glancing over at Blake Shelton with a look of shock and surprise, it was clear that this performance was one of the best they’d seen during the current 12th season of NBC’s hit singing competition.

On Monday (March 27th), two of Team Blake’s killer contestants went head-to-head singing a beautiful and heartbreaking power ballad from one of his former team members, RaeLynn. Pairing 32-year-old Valerie Ponzio with 25-year-old Enid Ortiz, it was apparent that the decision was going to be a tough one with the very first note.

Coming out of the gate with a powerful, chilling tone to her voice, Ortiz set the bar high for Ponzio to follow singing RaeLynn’s “Love Triangle” with such emotion that it elicited emotion from almost every single coach that looked on during this beautiful performance.

Filled with incredible blending during their harmonies and and vaulted high notes that would impress anyone, you get to see coach Alicia Keys sit back in shock and Shelton’s buddy Adam Levine lean forward and give him a look of amazement during this wonderful duet.

In the end, there could only be one winner staying on Team Blake past this round and Shelton knew he had a tough decision to make.

Both singers clearly brought their best game to the performance and truly delivered, filling the poignant ballad with emotion and crisp, beautiful notes – however, Shelton knew just how to determine a winner.

“I try to reward the person in these moments that did the most,” Shelton said after choosing young Ortiz.

Watch the video below of this incredible performance by two talented artists.