Unsuspecting Dad Wows With Cover Of “Tennessee Whiskey”

Kris Jones, a hardworking dad from Texas, found himself in the national spotlight after his cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” went viral in 2017.

In a day and age where technology abounds and stars are discovered with the simple click of a button, it’s not unusual to see people from all walks of life trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame. But, rarely has a voice taken the internet so completely by storm in a way that Kris Jones’s voice has.

Jones’ daughter recorded him singing “Tennessee Whiskey” in the front of his pickup truck in 2017 thinking she was going to show off her dad’s impressive voice to her friends. 

Unbeknown to Kris, his wife shared the video to Facebook and within 48 hours it had garnered 3 million views. The numbers continued to climb as the story reached media outlets who were excited to share the discovery of Jones’s talent.


Jones’ fifteen minutes of fame included an appearance on The Ellen Show, Pickler & Pen and tens of millions of video views across all social platforms.

“Tennessee Whiskey” was first made popular by George Jones in 1983 and again by Chris Stapleton in 2015. But, Kris Jones‘ raw, unedited performance for his daughter in front of Home Depot will always be one of our favorites. Not only is Kris Jones’s voice incredible, but his daughter’s adorable reaction put the video over the top.

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