Veteran’s Military Dog Awarded For Combat Service, Detected Over 350 Explosives

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A K9 Belgian Malinois dog named Bass has earned legendary status in the Special Forces community completing many hero acts for the United States military.

Retired Marine Staff Sgt. Alex Schnell said he knew that he had a very unique animal on his hands the very first time he…

Posted by John Wasylyk on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

He is owned by retired Marine Staff SSGT Alex Schnell and the two have served over six years together in the Marine Corps running special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Bass has mastered patroling and explosive detection and has used those skills on some of the military’s most complicated missions. SSGT Schnell said Bass could smell out any weapons and take down enemies if he had to. 

Bass, a Belgian Malinois, served more than six years in Marine Corps special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and…

Posted by Jennie Ann on Sunday, November 24, 2019

SSGT Schnell told a story of when they were in southern Afghanistan together working on capturing or killing high valued individuals in undisclosed locations. He said the team was creeping up on the enemy in the middle of the night when they heard the team and began to open up fire. The firefight lasted hours.

“Bass is following me around in the pitch black. The entire night, and he’s got explosions going off, gunfire constantly, and he’s got nothing but his trust for me to follow me around in my little hip leash until it’s time for him to get used,” Law Officer reported SSGT Schnell saying.

Posted by The Dog Cottage on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The team ended up using Bass by instructing him to enter a building ahead of the team and Bass neutralized the enemy. Bass has been recorded detecting over 350 enemy explosives and assisted with tracking down dozens of high-profiled individuals.

“Amazingly, not a single member of the U.S. military lost his life while on patrol with this canine hero.” SSGT. Schnell said according to Law Officer.

In November 2019, Bass was recognized by a non-profit organization called, Angels Without Wings, who awarded Bass with the Medal of Bravery.