VIDEO: 78mph Hurricane Winds Sends 15ft ‘Shark’ Airborne

The Weather_Rewind / Facebook

According to the Houston Chronicle, Hurricane Nicholas was sweeping through the Texas Gulf Coast on Monday with wind speeds reaching up to 78mph when a “shark” was caught on camera flying through the air.

Even though the shark looked very realistic, it’s actually a replica of a real shark named Bruce that was caught 40 years ago. It’s made 100% out of fiberglass and it’s an impressive 15 feet long.

Bruce belongs to Sharkies Bar & Grill and hangs by the establishment’s sign. A resident was driving by the restaurant to check on him and spotted him going airborne with other debris.

The resident’s vehicle cam captured the shark on film before he got out of his vehicle and wrangled it before it flew further away. The man brought Bruce back to the restaurant and safely stored him in a place where he wouldn’t fly away again.

One of Sharkies’ regulars has offered to pay to fix the damage done to the model, which includes reattaching its tail, patching up scrapes, and giving it another paint job.

Bruce is said to currently be in recovery, along with the restaurant that took on some water, but he is expected to be back up hanging near the sign very soon.

Watch Footage Of The Shark Below