Viewers Laugh As Chicken Chases Dog In Circles

A hilarious one-minute video shared on Facebook by Matthew Scott Donnelly quickly became a social media hit. In the video, a chicken is chasing a dog around a pile of wooden pallets in a backyard.

More than chasing, it looked like both the dog and the chicken were playing, seeing who can catch the other. They run around the wood pallets several times before the dog loops around behind the chicken and scares it into chasing it back around the opposite way.

In the background audio, a woman and a man are heard laughing at how funny the scene is and at how both the chicken and the dog seem to enjoy the game.

“Oh, he’s coming around this way,” the woman says in the video.

“I think Duce can spot her,” the man said back.

Matthew Scott Donnelly / Facebook

The dog happily runs around the wood pallets and the chicken tries to catch him but is too slow. The chicken slows down and looks around, waiting for the dog to appear. For a moment, the chicken loses the dog but then, suddenly, the dog makes a quick appearance from behind and spooks the chicken. The chicken jumps a few feet into the air and then starts chasing the dog again.

“You are wearing out my chicken, boy,” said the man.

“She is like, ‘Come on let’s run,'” the woman added.

Matthew Scott Donnelly / Facebook

As Matthew Scott Donnelly said in his post, “If you are feeling down or want to laugh watch this.” This scene entertained the woman, the man, and the viewers watching it. Check it out below!