‘Voice’ Star Lauren Duski Ignites Crowd With Electrifying Wynonna Judd Hit

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NBC‘s The Voice was brimming with talent and energy as one star took to the stage and absolutely stole the show with a Wynonna Judd classic! Lauren Duski was a vision of sheer confidence and beauty as she graced the spotlight-studded stage in her black bedazzled outfit that showed her fans she was here to annihilate her competition!

The blonde beauty kicked off her performance with a sassy feel, showcasing her stellar vocals and phenomenal stage presence! Duski was all business with a hint of flirtation as she angelically riffed various notes and had her audience at the edge of their seats. “Everywhere I go you’re in my shadow/ When I turn around there’s no one there/ And it’s a real bad sign/ I’m walking on a real thin line/ A fool in love with a fool that never cared,” she sang.

Judd gifted the contestant with a phone call prior to the thrilling performance, expressing her excitement and sharing some vital advice with Duski. After the riveting experience, Judd took to Twitter to publicly support the stellar singer, retweeting Duski’s public thank you to the country icon as she responded, “As they announced you my heart raced. I think I caught myself holding my breath at one point during the song. I actually felt nervous!” 



We’re sure you’ll find this performance just as thrilling as audience members and coaches did! Blake Shelton was more than pleased with Duski’s act, vibrantly clapping along to the beat and allowing the music to transform his soul.

Check out the unforgettable moment below!