Watch Everything Epic That Happens When Keith Urban Invites Teen On Stage

Keith Urban / Facebook

For country fans, there is no greater dream than being able to meet their favorite stars. Luckily, many artists love to get their fans involved in their concerts, opening up the door for fans to meet them on stage in front of thousands of people.

Of course, you have to be extremely lucky to get a country artist to notice you in a sea of other fans. Some manage to earn a place on stage by making creative signs, by dancing and having a good time, or by being an adorable child.

Sometimes, the country artists are surprised to discover that the random fan they just welcomed on stage is a talented dancer, singer, or musician as well. Once they learn this, they can’t help but ask their fan to show off their skills.

This is something that Keith Urban has done more than once. Take the below video as an example, when he invited a young girl on stage who turned out to be an aspiring singer. So Keith let her have the spotlight.

A similar type of scenario happened again during Keith’s recent show in Charlotte, North Carolina. During that show, Keith welcomed a teen named Noah to the stage, and learned that he is an aspiring professional musician.

Wanting to give Noah his chance to shine, Keith had a guitar brought out to the teen and invited him to play along with him on his 1999 hit “Where the Blacktop Ends.” Even though Noah has only been playing guitar for four years, he seemed calm and confident as he moved into the song’s signature guitar part.

The crowd went nuts as Noah started playing that part, realizing that he has some serious talent. It takes some guts to start jamming out to a Keith Urban song while he’s standing right there beside you!

Go ahead and watch everything epic that happened after Noah took to the stage. If Keith ever has an opening in his band, he knows who to call!