Yankees Fan Uses Hot Dog As Beer Straw & The Internet Goes Crazy

@NewYorkNico / Twitter

A New York Yankees fan set social media on fire the other day after he was caught turning his concession stand hot dog into a straw to sip his beer from.

The 19-second video went viral on Twitter and appears to have been filmed by another fan who was sitting in Yankee Stadium a few feet behind the man reengineering his hot dog to be a straw.

The video showed him taking his straw and puncturing a hole through each end of the hot dog, cutting a perfect hole through the center of the meat.

He didn’t let the cutout parts of the hot dog go to waste either. He sucked them out of the straw and swallowed them down before he proceeded to pick up his cup of beer that he sat on the ground and put the hot dog in the cup.

The creative Yankees fan sips his beer through the hot dog straw and just like that…the internet was losing their minds.

The New York Yankees ended up winning their game against the New York Mets 4-2, with Aaron Judge hitting his 47th home run.

This was not the first time a New York stadium-goer went viral for mixing their food and drink together. Back in 2018 during the U.S. Open, Alexa Greenfield shocked the people watching her as she dipped her chicken finger in her soda.

Since then, Alexa has gained more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, and months after the event went viral she launched a cola-flavored dipping sauce

She Explains Why She Dipped The Chicken Finger Into Soda Below