Yikes! Brad Paisley Invites WRONG Couple On Stage For Surprise Proposal

bertalot17 YouTube Channel

Brad Paisley’s love songs have served as the soundtrack to many couples’ first dance as husband and wife. From time to time, Paisley personally helps country couples take the next step in their relationship by inviting them on stage for a proposal set to the tune of one of his love songs.

Although these proposals are generally magical moments for all involved, one fan proposal in March 2016 almost went wrong.

While performing his 2006  hit “She’s Everything,” Paisley paused for a moment, knowing that he was about to help one of his fans propose to the love of his life. It was sure to be a moment the couple would always remember, but as it turns out, it was unforgettable for more than the expected reason.

As Paisley’s team walked behind him and helped the couple up on stage, he pointed to another couple in the audience. Completely unaware that the real couple was climbing up on stage behind him, Paisley asked the other couple for their phone and proceeded to invite them up.

The moment could have turned out to be quite embarrassing, but Paisley eventually turned around and noticed that he had made a mistake.

Are you doing it too?” Paisley joked with the other couple, saying that he was just going to use their phone to film the actual proposal. Despite the confusion, the fan got down on one knee and asked his sweetheart to marry him, and based on her enthusiastic reaction, she said yes.

You sure you don’t want to do it too?” Paisley teased the couple that he almost brought on stage instead.

They passed on the offer, and Paisley turned back to his microphone and continued to sing “She’s Everything” while the newly-engaged couple danced behind him.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Paisley had brought the other couple on stage at the same time? Talk about awkward! 

You can watch the hilarious moment that Paisley almost helped the wrong couple get engaged in the clip below. Congratulations to the couple who did end up getting engaged that night!