6 Reasons Why Carrie Underwood Makes The World A Better Place

She Serves As A Source Of Inspiration

Much in the way that Underwood inspires her friends by showing them kindness, she does the same for her fans. Like Underwood, her most devoted fans have an intense passion for helping others, hence why they call themselves her Care Bears. 

In addition to just inspiring others to be good people, Underwood also encourages them to chase their goals, especially when it comes to fitness and athletics. So when Underwood debuted her powerful sports anthem “The Champion,” it came as no surprise that it motivated others to reach for the stars.

Underwood could have just recorded the song and left it there. But instead, she served as a further source of inspiration by sharing and applauding the efforts of fans who crafted dances and workouts to “The Champion.” Now that’s going the extra mile!