6 Reasons Why Carrie Underwood Makes The World A Better Place

She Makes Us Laugh

From her jokes and comical skits with Brad Paisley at the CMA Awards to her goofy dancing in the music video for “The Fighter,” Underwood always knows how to make others laugh.

Maybe the reason why Underwood is so good at making people happy is because she loves laughter. In 2017 she shared an audio clip of her son Isaiah giggling with the caption, “Sometimes the most beautiful music isn’t music.”

While speaking about her son with CMT, Underwood said that her “greatest wish” for him is to find happiness. Knowing how hard she tries to make her fans happy, that doesn’t surprise us at all.

That’s only a few of the many examples of how Underwood has managed to brighten up the world. We’d love to hear from y’all. Tell us how Underwood has served as a source of inspiration to you!