7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Patsy Cline Movie ‘Sweet Dreams’

Fair Use via Wikimedia Commons

Patsy Cline‘s life story has always been a source of intrigue. In her short time on this Earth, she managed to establish herself as one of the biggest stars in country music. But her quest to stardom wasn’t without trials.

Those trials and Cline’s story play out in the 1985 biographical film, Sweet Dreams. The film was a smash success, due in large part to the stellar performance from lead actress Jessica Lange. Her portrayal of Cline was highly-praised, and earned her an Academy Award nomination.

The film balances Cline’s whirlwind career with her equally chaotic personal life. It opens during the early days of her career, when she was still singing in small venues and was married to a man named Gerald Cline, who she eventually divorced. The film then follows her relationship with and marriage to her second husband, Charlie Dick. After marrying Dick, Cline is finally able to chase her dreams. But her newfound success gives her a greater sense of confidence that ends up placing a strain on her marriage.

Viewers were glued to the screen as they saw Cline’s dramatic story unfold. Today, Sweet Dreams is one of the most popular films to ever be released about a country music artist.

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