Julianne Hough Stops Show To Confront Audience Member Who Shouts Insult

Derek Hough / Instagram

Currently on their 2017 Move Beyond: Live Tour, Julianne and Derek Hough have been thrilling fans with their insane tour packed with show-stopping acts. While both of the multi-talented siblings are inarguably talented in their own right, sounds like one fan begs to differ.

During one of their recent stops on the tour, a fan that seemingly favors the male sibling, shouted at Julianne a fiery insult that the blonde beauty couldn’t seem to let go.

“He’s won more Mirrorballs than you!” a women in the audience shouted at Julianne, immediately stopping the dancer in her tracks.

The siblings historically made their rise to fame following their massive success as “Dancers” on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, where the end prize is the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. After taking a moment to collect her composure, Julianne immediately set out to find the source of the insult while Derek is seen rolling on the floor laughing.

“Who said that?” she says until she finds the woman behind the strong words. “Oh, YOU said that.”

Julianne let the audience member sweat for a moment before shrugging it off and giving the fan a hug. The dancer then rejoined brother Derek on stage after he finally calmed down from hearing his competitive sister receive the insult of a lifetime.

You can watch it all go down below!