This Video Of George Strait & His Grandson Will Have You Smiling From Ear To Ear

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George Strait doesn’t just sing songs about being a cowboy, he is one. Rodeo runs through his veins, so much in fact that his own son has decided to make a career out of it.

After graduating from Texas A&M, George’s son Bubba started to pursue a career as a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association team roping competitor. George is also a member of the PRCA, and has partnered with Bubba for various team roping competitions. Bubba also competed during the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show in 2006, which was made all the more meaningful because George was scheduled to perform at the rodeo that same day.

Now, it looks like George’s grandson may be following in his dad and grandpa’s footsteps. Bubba and his wife Tamara have two children, son Harvey and daughter Jillian. Since Jillian was just born in September 2016, it will be a while before she starts showing interest in the rodeo world.

But his grandon Harvey already feels like he belongs in the rodeo community. This is something he proved last March when he got to help out his grandpa for a special cause.

Each year in March, George hosts a two-day event in San Antonio, Texas called the George Strait Team Roping Classic. An auction is included in the event’s schedule, and it was during this auction that little Harvey got his chance to shine.

It’s a tradition of sorts to auction off the roping chute on the second day of the event. The way the auction works is that George or another one of his family members will bid on the chute until they win, often driving up the price to a hefty amount. But instead of keeping the chute himself, George will give it back to be auctioned off a second time.

So why go to all of this trouble? Well it turns out that the money raised from the chute is donated to charity. George drives up the price the first time around to make sure that the chosen charity will receive a fair sum by the time the second auction is over.

Last year, George enlisted the help of Harvey during the auction. As the Strait family gathered in their box, little Harvey stood front and center, raising his hand to bid as directed by his grandpa. You can tell how exciting the whole thing was for Harvey, as he anxiously waited to throw his hand in the air at a moment’s notice.

George got a kick out of the whole thing, and we’re sure you will too once you watch it in the video below!