13-Year-Old Boy Makes Mom Cry With Emotional “You Raise Me Up”

America's Got Talent/YouTube

Thirteen must be talented teen Jeffrey Li’s lucky number.

The 13-year-old Toronto native wowed the judges in his appearance on the 13th episode of America’s Got Talent and even got a promise from judge Simon Cowell that he would buy him a dog if he performed well.

Simon Promises Singer A Dog

In his intro, Li shared he was an only child and would love a companion. The young singer said if he won the million dollar prize money, a dog would be one of his first purchases (watch the look on his father’s face when he hears that.)

Cowell responded, “I’m gonna buy you a dog. We’ll choose one together.”

Li chose one of the most difficult songs for his audition, “You Raise Me Up,” a ballad made famous by singer, songwriter Josh Groban.

Standing Ovation

Why this song? “Because it really helped me when I was sad and lonely,” explained Li.

As he transitioned into his final notes, Li had the entire audience standing and cheering for him. The judges were equally impressed. The boy with the heavenly voice got four yeses and perhaps a new puppy from Simon.

Even multi-platinum artist Josh Groban got in the act, tweeting much deserved props to the young performer, saying he was honored that his song was selected for the talent showcase.

Sit back and let Jeffrey Li soothe your soul with his emotional delivery of “You Raise Me Up.” What do you think?