3 Sisters Join Children’s Choir To Sing Alabama’s “Angels Among Us”

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There are few songs out there that have had as much of an emotional impact as Alabama‘s “Angels Among Us.”

Written by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs, the song was featured as a single off of the group’s 1993 Christmas album, Cheap Seats. Despite entering the country chart twice, the song never climbed to number one. In fact, it never even broke into the top ten.

But as the years have passed, “Angels Among Us” has gone on to earn the distinction as one of Alabama’s greatest songs of all time. Speaking to canoe.com in 2004, the group’s lead singer Randy Owen said that they had “received hundreds of letters from all over the world saying that the song was a blessing.”

All of these years later, and “Angels Among Us” remains a blessing to many people. During tough or trying times in the world, people have been able to find comfort in the song and its message about everyday heroes being all around us.

Because of the song’s popularity, many have stepped up to perform their own renditions. It is a frequently-covered song on YouTube, and while there are many beautiful renditions out there, one by a trio of country sisters stands out.

Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn are three talented sisters from Gilbert, Arizona. Their passion is country music, which they play, sing, and write. Together, they form the country group Firefly, and they share their music videos on YouTube for all of their followers to see.

Leading up to the 2016 holiday season, Firefly made the choice to record their own rendition of “Angels Among Us.” Wanting to make the video extra special, they invited the Sing and Shout children’s choir to sing along with them.

The sisters said that they treasured every second they spent singing with the children, calling it “truly one of the sweetest experiences of our lives.” But they didn’t just have the choir sign along with them. They also invited the children to help them spread some holiday cheer to the residents at the Parkway Health Center during the video.

“They taught us all the true meaning of Christmas is to love and serve one another as Jesus Christ has loved us,” they wrote in their video’s description.

In the video, the children help the health center’s residents make Christmas ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. The children also made special angel ornaments, on which they wrote the names of people who they considered to be the “angels” in their lives.

The video also shows Firefly singing and playing for the residents throughout the health center. Along with the children, they gather together in the main room where they bring smiles to the residents’ faces with their heavenly signing.

This angelic performance is sure to bring tears to your eyes. Go ahead and tune in below to watch these three beautifully talented sisters and the sweet children of the Sing and Shout Choir perform “Angels Among Us.”