Woman Weeps Uncontrollably After Witnessing Miracle

Facebook/Tammy Lyons Wilkinson

Out shopping before the upcoming holidays, Tammy Lyons Wilkinson saw a man shivering just outside the doors to her local grocery store. Her observation didn’t change anything in that moment and she didn’t say anything to him, but what happened in the next few minutes would change her life forever.

On Wednesday, December 14th, 2016, Tammy went to the grocery store in her town to pick up a few things for her job ahead of the holidays, but what happened during her trip there created a moment that she felt compelled to share with the whole world  – and her very first live Facebook video has been viewed more than 10 million times in just two days!

As Tammy explains in the video, “This is a first live video that I’ve ever done, but I felt like you guys needed to know this.”

She goes on to say that if anyone watching is doubting or perhaps wondering how powerful God is, of if he exists, that she just had an encounter that solidified her faith in Jesus Christ forever.

“I had an errand to run for work and so I came into the local grocery store to take care of some items that we needed,” Tammy began explaining in the video. “As I entered the doorway I noticed a homeless man sitting on the bench obviously trying to get warm and stay out of this cold.

“I didn’t speak, I just went on in and as soon as I walked through the second door, I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘He loves bananas’.”

With that, Tammy resolved herself to pick up the homeless man some bananas and walked straight over to the produce department and picked up a bunch. But, she still felt like he needed something else. “So I went back and picked up three or four small items that he could put in his backpack and wouldn’t go bad, but would supply his body with the nourishment.” 

She then admits that she had to really fight the desire to buy him some fried chicken and went back and forth debating if she should purchase it because she wanted him to have a warm meal.

Tammy says Jesus spoke again to her and explained that he did not ask her to get the man fried chicken.

So, with that she approached the cashier and separated his items into a small bag for him and headed out side. It was what happened next that Tammy says revealed exactly why Jesus asked her to help this man.

“I came out the doorway and there he still sat,” She continued in her video. “I said ‘Are you trying to get warm, buddy? And staying out of the cold?’ He said ‘Yes ma’am’.

I said, ‘Well here’s just a few items, Merry Christmas. God bless.’ The lady behind me said, ‘Well today must be your lucky day! I went back and I got you some fried chicken and it’s still warm if you care to eat it now.'”

Fighting through even more tears in the video, Tammy reveals that it was the actions of that woman that solidified her faith in the Lord. She expressed her deepest and most sincere appreciation for believing and following her Savior who allowed her to help someone less fortunate.

Watch Tammy Lyons Wilkinson’s heartwarming and beautiful video below.