Chris Stapleton Will Break Your Heart With Unreleased Song ‘Heart Letting Go’

Bluegrass Today

Chris Stapleton really needs no introduction. Most country fans out there know him as the vocal powerhouse that ruled the 2015 CMA Awards with Justin Timberlake. That performance kick-started Stapleton’s singing career, and led to his debut album Traveller being named as Billboard‘s top country album of 2016.

But as Stapleton’s hardcore fans know, he’s been around a lot longer than just the past year. He’s a well-respected songwriter in the Nashville community, and has penned hits for everyone from Josh Turner to Luke Bryan.

Stapleton also writes his own music and he has a whole bunch of unreleased songs that he wasn’t able to fit on Traveller. Even though these songs didn’t make it on the album, Stapleton still makes a point to perform them every now and then during his various appearances.

Years ago, Stapleton co-wrote a profound tune that he’s still never released. But it was picked up and recorded by another artist…Brooks & Dunn‘s Ronnie Dunn. Called “Heart Letting Go,” the song was included as a track on Dunn’s 2014 solo album Peace, Love, and Country Music.

Two years before Dunn recorded “Heart Letting Go,” Stapleton performed it during a benefit concert at the Station Inn in East Kentucky. It was an all-acoustic performance, and Stapleton was the only one out on stage as he sang.

The acoustic accompaniment of Stapleton’s guitar added an emotional element to the performance, and left his voice completely exposed. Because of that, you could clearly hear each and every emotional inflection that he put into his notes.

We’ve heard Stapleton sing many times before, but we’ve always liked his acoustic performances the most. They really give his voice the chance to stand out, showing just how talented he is as a vocalist.

The way Stapleton plays with his volume throughout the performance is also remarkable. He knows exactly when to sing louder for more effect, and when to sing softer to add a little bit of emotion to his words. This is how a master does it folks!

After Stapleton finished singing, he was met with endless rounds of cheers, whistles, and applause. Once you watch this performance, you’ll wonder why it took so long for him to catch his big break!

You’ll also wonder why Stapleton hasn’t released “Heart Letting Go” as one of his own songs yet. We love Dunn’s version, but Stapleton always manages to take a song and turn it into something from out of this world.

What are you waiting for? Tune in below to see Stapleton sing “Heart Letting Go.”