4 Emmylou Harris Songs That Are Sure To Take Your Breath Away

Ralph Anderson/Southern Living

For nearly half a century, Emmylou Harris has taken the music world by storm. After releasing a countless number of hit albums and singles throughout her career, Harris has gone on to win an impressive 13 Grammys in addition to many other awards.

Harris’ success as a solo artist also led to her being a desirable duet partner for other artists, regardless of genre. Over the years she has collaborated with many of music’s greats, such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Neil Young.

Perhaps most famously, Harris teamed up with country star Dolly Parton and rock singer Linda Ronstadt for a collaboration album called Trio in 1987. The album was a smash success, and it ended up climbing to the top of the charts. Due to the success of their first collaboration, the three released a second Trio album in 1999.

Despite the fact that Harris isn’t strictly a country artist (she also sings folk, bluegrass, rock, and pop), the country music community has always embraced her as one of their own. In celebration of this legendary singer’s birthday, we’d like to look back on some of the signature songs of her career.