40K Pounds Of Frozen Chicken Nuggets Spill Onto Highway In Truck Crash

AB6 News video screenshot

According to the ABC6 news, a truck carrying thousands of pounds of frozen chicken nuggets crashed on the side of the highway in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Video footage shot by an ABC chopper showed the truck laid over on its right side with the entire trailer busted open and spilling out all along the ditch beside the highway with boxes of frozen chicken.

Authorities said that the tractor-trailer was carrying about 40,000 pounds of frozen nuggets when the driver lost control of the vehicle at about 6:30 a.m.

Fortunately, the driver was not injured during the crash and was able to walk away with their life.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene, however, and quickly got to work investigating the situation and cleaning up the mess of hundreds of spilled boxes.

The cleanup happened on Wednesday (April 27) and lasted through the entire rush hour morning. Authorities finally got out of there at about 10am right before it was time for lunch traffic to kick in and crowd the highway again.

It’s still not entirely clear what caused the crash or what made the driver lose control of the vehicle. Investigators are looking into the crash.

See More Details On The Crash In The Video Below