7 Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Kenny Rogers

7. He Held A Chart Record For 27 Years

In July 1983, Kenny released the first of many duets with Dolly Parton. That duet was “Islands in the Stream,” which sailed its way to the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Remarkably, “Islands in the Stream” also snagged the number one spot on the all-genre Billboard 100. It’s a rare thing for a country single to cross over and claim the top spot on the Hot 100. In fact, the feat is so rare that Kenny and Dolly held on to the record for nearly three decades.

27 years passed after the release of “Islands in the Stream” before any other country single was able to top the Billboard Hot 100. That single was Lonestar’s “Amazed,” and their record was broken five years later when Carrie Underwood released her debut single, “Inside Your Heaven.”

There you have it folks! Which one of these facts about Kenny surprised you the most? We still can’t believe that he was once a pro-level tennis player!