After Frightening Accident, Soldier Surprises Young Daughter During School Talent Show

Annette Labonte Youtube

One school talent show was bursting with tears when a little dancer was given the incredible gift of being reunited with her deployed father.

Our little superstar was eager to perform for her packed crowd, taking to the dimly lit stage with her two friends for an adorable dance number that earned these girls a thunderous ovation!

However, it was the little girls’ acts before the performance that set up their audience for an emotional experience, as the 7-year-old admitted, “My dad has been in the army for 9 months.” 

Her friends, assisting in carrying a handmade sign that proudly read, Thank you to all our veterans and those who serve”, pushed the audience past their expected emotions as they sweetly spoke, “We’re dedicating this [dance] to Mr. Luke.” 

With that, the young girls gave an insanely cute performance to The Script’s award-winning number “Hall Of Fame.” Completing their choreographed routine with a series of alternating moves, kicks, and the splits – these girls had everyone mesmerized with their skillful talent.

As their performance reached its end, the three young girls quickly scampered off the edge of the stage, only to be called and flagged down by an approaching Army soldier. Holding three bouquets of flowers, everyone quickly realized that he was the young girl’s father who they thought was away on deployment!

The unexpected surprise sent the three dancers running to the man’s arms as one little girl’s dreams of having her father home finally came true.

According to the woman who published this video, the little girl had suffered a traumatic foot injury that cost her part of her foot – and doctors said she would never dance again.

It seems this girl gets her strength from her father! She defied the predictions and blew away her school with an incredible dance routine!

Watch this unforgettable video below, but be sure to keep your tissues handy.