Is Kelly Clarkson Considering Retirement?

After fourteen years in the competitive world that is the music industry, no one would blame Kelly Clarkson for wanting to slow things down. So is the multi-platinum international recording artist considering stepping back from music? In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Clarkson opened up on the rumors surrounding the state of her music career, […] More

Kelly Clarkson Delivers Knock-Out Halloween Surprise

In spirit of one of the most fun holidays, this iconic superstar gives her fans a chilling surprise from a magical garden of succulents! After working a full day, and getting things prepped for a party she hosted this weekend, Kelly Clarkson donned a fluffy wig eerily similar to that of Australian pop goddess, Sia….and […] More

Kelly Clarkson Reacts To News Of Kim Kardashian’s Armed Robbery

After the clock struck midnight in Paris on Monday, reality star Kim Kardashian was held  at gunpoint and robbed of $9 million dollars worth of jewelry. The mother of two and wife to rapper Kanye West was met with a less than pleasant reactions from both the media at large as well her millions of followers on social media passing […] More

Kelly Clarkson Slams ‘Insulting’ Woman After Demeaning Article

After a scathing article was published, the beloved singer let the writer have it by calling her out in a very public way and dispelling the “demeaning” misconceptions that were written into the article. Kelly Clarkson has long been known for her outspoken and purely ‘real’ personality – she doesn’t beat around the bush and […] More

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