Baby Girl Starts Dancing When She Hears George Strait’s ‘Carried Away’

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Little Girl Loves “The King Of Country”

No child is ever too young to be introduced to George Strait‘s music! With 61 number one hits and millions of records sold, George’s music has served as the soundtrack to many people’s childhoods.

Such is the case for a baby girl named Cheyenne, who was a fan of George’s when she was still in diapers.

While we’re sure she liked all of George’s songs, an adorable video shows that she’s particularly fond of one of his biggest hits.

Someone’s Raising This Gal Right

We’d say that Cheyenne has good taste, because her favorite song of George’s seems to be “Carried Away.”

Released in 1996 as the second single off of his album Blue Clear Sky, “Carried Away” was a milestone single for George. It was his 30th number one hit of all time, and its success led to a nomination for Single of the Year at the CMA Awards.

Although “Carried Away” was released long before she was born, Cheyenne can’t seem to get enough. Her mother filmed her listening to the song in their living room one day, and Cheyenne’s response was as cute as could be.

She Won’t Sing, But She Sure Loves To Dance

With her trusty dog watching behind a scattered pile of blocks, Cheyenne started bouncing along to the music. She also tried to clap along to the beat the best she could. Considering how old she was, we’d say she did pretty well!

The sweetest moment of the clip came in the middle of Cheyenne’s dance, when her mom asked her if she liked George. Cheyenne quickly turned around at the sound of George’s name, and offered her mom a big smile and an excited “Yeah!

After that, Cheyenne turned around and started dancing and clapping along to “Carried Away” with even more enthusiasm than before.

That’s when her mom asked her if she could sing along with George, but Cheyenne didn’t respond.

The little girl quickly tired out, and finished off her dancing spree by simply swaying along while George kept playing in the background. She was really grooving before, so we can’t blame her for wanting to slow things down a bit!

If you’re ever in need of a smile, this is the clip to watch. We love it when young kids have a passion for great country music!