Blake & Kelly Bicker Over 15-Year-Old Rock Singer On “The Voice”

The Voice / YouTube

Blake Shelton gained two new team members on the fourth night of the Season 18 Voice blind auditions. In both of those cases, he was the only coach who turned his chair.

Shelton was happy he didn’t have to spar with any of the other coaches over the singers he turned for!

But his luck didn’t pan out during the whole night. One young rocker prompted both him and Kelly Clarkson to turn their chairs, so Shelton had to face off against the three-time-winning coach.

The contestant who created this competition between Clarkson and Shelton was a singer named Jules. She just started singing three years ago when she was 12. That’s right, Jules is only 15 years old now!

Jules embraced her inner rocker during her performance, and sang “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by the American rock band Cage the Elephant. The song, which was released in 2008, reached the third spot on the Alternative Songs chart in the U.S.

The track also peaked at the eighth position on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. It has since been certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Because of its popularity, all of the Voice coaches were surely familiar with “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” (except John Legend, who said he didn’t know it). Perhaps that’s why they all initially hesitated to turn for Jules, because they were waiting to see what she’d do with the song.

Shelton was the first one to turn his chair, and did so at the tail end of Jules’ performance. For a brief moment, it seemed like he secured the young singer for his team by being the only coach to turn, but his hopes were quickly dashed.

Clarkson turned her chair as well, causing Shelton to exclaim, “No!

Jules, who had likely entertained the thought that she wasn’t going to get any of the chairs to turn, was now left to pick between the two coaches.

Clarkson and Shelton battled, each trying to make their case to the talented teen singer.

Clarkson started off by teasing Jules with her “Team Kelly” jacket, prompting Shelton to say, “That jacket looks like an Oscar and a Bud Light had a baby.”

Then, when it was Shelton’s turn to speak, he talked about how much he loves Arizona (where Jules is from). He said her being from Arizona makes him feel like he has a “kinship” with her.

That’s odd,” Clarkson remarked, prompting some laughs from the crowd.

After bickering back and forth a little more, Clarkson and Shelton waited to see who Jules would choose. You can see what decision she made by tuning in to her audition video below!