Blake Shelton Has Hilarious Things To Say About Friend & “Voice” Host Carson Daly

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After working together on The Voice for 23 seasons, Blake Shelton and the show’s host Carson Daly have become good friends. When longtime coach Adam Levin left the show in 2019, Shelton said it would “freak [him] out” if Daly ever left too.

Shelton and Daly are so close, Daly served as the officiant at Shelton’s 2021 wedding to Gwen Stefani.


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The two pals recently appeared in a new show of their own called Barmageddon. The show features them playing games with celebrity guests at Shelton’s Ole Red restaurant and music venue. Shelton recently told PEOPLE that filming the show was “the most fun [he’s] ever had on that side of the camera.”

After being friends for 12 years and counting, Shelton and Daly aren’t afraid to poke fun at each other. Shelton had some hilarious things to say about his friend during his PEOPLE interview.

Carson’s a grumpy old man,” he said. “He truly is the grumpiest man on the planet, and I’d say that if he were sitting right here next to me.” Shelton admitted Daly would “probably” refer to him as a grumpy old man too.


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Shelton continued his teasing, “[Carson] is just one of those guys where he’s got a backache, or he’s mad I’m taking too long. He’s just always chewing my a– out about something,” he said.

So why do Shelton and Daly make such good friends? Shelton theorizes it’s because they understand each other’s sense of humor and don’t take anything personally. “…it rolls off my back and he’s OK with me making fun of him,” he said.

We’re sure going to miss seeing Shelton and Daly together on The Voice after Shelton leaves!

Hear Shelton speak more about his friendship with Daly by tuning in to the video below.