Blake Shelton Names Who He Wants To Replace Adam Levine On ‘The Voice’

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Blake & Adam: Best Friends & Enemies

Over the course of The Voice‘s many seasons, a number of coaches have filled the show’s famous red chairs.

While the majority of the coaches have only participated in a handful of seasons, two have been there from day one.

No matter what, fans of The Voice have always been able to count on Adam Levine and Blake Shelton anchoring the panel of coaches. They’re also the two fan-favorite judges, since their bickering and playful banter serve as constant sources of comedy.

What Would We Do Without Them?

Because Levine and Shelton have been on The Voice for so long, it’s impossible to imagine the show without them. It always seems to be a given that the two will return every time a new season rolls around, but in reality, any season could be their last.

We at least have one more season with them, because they both signed on for Season 16, which just debuted in February 2019.

But in the event that Levine would not return in the future, Shelton has already found the person he wants as his replacement…and his choice may surprise you.

Blake Wants An Actor To Be A Coach?

Known for his role as Jim Halpert on the hit television series The Office, actor John Krasinski is an unexpected choice to fill a red chair on The Voice.

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But even though he has no experience as a singer or musician, Krasinski is a professed fan of the show.

Back in March 2018, Krasinski tweeted at Shelton to let him know he was loving the season of The Voice that was running at the time. He also wanted to let him know that his wife, actress Emily Blunt, “said she thought we’d be best friends.”

Totally game to be a coach on The Voice, Krasinski wrote “Let’s get the paper work over with and make this happen!

Blake Really Wants Him On The Show

Before long, Shelton jumped in to respond, and he was all for the idea of having Krasinski as a coach on The Voice. He also named him as the perfect person to replace Levine on the show.

Will you just replace Adam on the show?” Shelton asked. “Please?!!!! He is an idiot!!!

Based on fan response, a lot of people are on board to have Krasinski as a coach. It would certainly be interesting to have a non-musician on the show, since he could offer a unique coaching perspective as a fan of music, and not an artist.

However, we don’t want anyone to replace Levine on the show! Hopefully he’s on it for many more seasons.

How about you? What do you think about Krasinki being a coach on The Voice?