Brittany Aldean Gives Glimpse Into Mom Life With New Baby Photo

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

Jason Aldean and wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean have one adorable kid on their hands. In a recent social media post, Brittany gave fans a glimpse into the Aldean family’s daily routine…bath time included!

One Loved Little Man

There is no denying that Memphis Aldean is one loved little boy. Between the awesome baseball-themed birthday parties and the family gatherings, he has been having the time of his life – and he is only one!

A Sister On The Way

His time as the youngest Aldean is almost up, though. In only a few weeks he will be welcoming his little sister, Navy to the world! He’s definitely getting excited and we just know he is going to be one great big brother.

Getting All Cleaned Up

With all the adorable photos Brittany Aldean has been sharing of Memphis since he was born, it is like opening up a “cuteness present” anytime she posts to social media. She recently showed us what bathtime at the Aldean’s is like and honestly, it is pretty tame.


While most parents deal with a lot of splishin’ and splashin’ – it looks like Brittany and Memphis have perfected the art of a calm bathtime. With a rubber ducky in his mouth and a soapy mohawk, Memphis looks completely content with the whole thing.

The little guy seems to just keep getting cuter – but with parents like his, it is pretty much expected. Check Jason and Brittany out in his wistful “A Little More Summertime” music video below.