Brittany Aldean Says She Would Have Named Memphis “Roman” If It Wasn’t For Jason

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How Memphis Got His Name

On November 4, Jason and Brittany Aldean‘s friends and family members gathered to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their second child together, a girl. The new addition is due to join the Aldean household in February, just a little over a year after the couple welcomed their son, Memphis.

The two knew their son’s name for a while before they revealed it to the public in early September 2017. As Jason explained during an interview with Country Countdown USA, the choice to name his son “Memphis” was partially influenced by his love of all things Elvis.

I’ve kinda been infatuated with Elvis since I was a kid, just always watching documentaries and stuff on him,” he said. “It had a little bit to do with that and, honestly, I just wanted him to have something that wasn’t very common.”

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

How Their Daughter Got Her Name

But as Brittany recently revealed in an interview about their unborn daughter’s baby shower, Memphis’ name would have been completely different if she had her way.

During the baby shower, Brittany and Jason revealed the name of their upcoming addition, and also shared it with fans on social media. Their daughter, like Memphis, will take on a unique name…Navy Rome. 

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

So why did the couple choose Navy Rome as their little girl’s name? Brittany explained in an interview with People.

First, she said that they chose “Navy” as her first name after it stuck out to them in a list of names they had put together. “We created a list and both were throwing names in there throughout the past few months and Navy happened to be the one we liked the most,” she said.

What Memphis’ Name Was This Close To Being

But what about her middle name, “Rome?” Was it just a way to keep the city theme going, like they did with Memphis?

It turns out that’s not quite the case. Rather, they chose “Rome” because it’s partially inspired by what Brittany had wanted to name Memphis!

I chose Rome because I really wanted to name our son Roman but Jason wasn’t a fan so this was my way of sliding that in there!” she said.

Just think y’all…if it hadn’t been for Jason then his bouncing baby boy would have been Roman Aldean! But thanks to a little compromising, both Jason and Brittany’s wants are represented in their children’s names, and they’re so unique.

Based on how much these two gush about their son, we’re sure they’ll fall head over heels for their daughter when she arrives!