Carrie Underwood Reacts To Husband Gifting Her Cows For Christmas

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie Underwood had an unusual request on her Christmas list this year, and her husband, Mike Fisher, was happy to oblige.

While promoting her 2020 Christmas album, My Gift, Underwood revealed that Fisher had recently given her a unique present for the holidays. While some people might ask for a puppy or kitten for Christmas, Underwood wanted two pet cows. 

“He got me cows, which is what I wanted,” Underwood said in a statement to ET Canada. “They’re my favorite animal. I love them, they make me so happy.”

As for what Underwood wants to do with her cows, the answer is simple. The country singer wants to give the animals a good home and lots of love! Underwood stated:

“I don’t want them for any purpose, just to love them.”

The “Cry Pretty” singer is delighted with Fisher’s gift, but Underwood admits that gift exchanges are not her strong suit. The country star usually does not like getting presents, because she is terrible at picking out other people’s gifts. Underwood declared:

“I’m actually not a good gift giver. I will tell my husband like, ‘Don’t get me anything’ ’cause that means I have to get him something, I’m so awful!”

While fans find Underwood’s stress over Christmas shopping very relatable, the country star admits that she spent more time on Christmas traditions this past year.

“This year I feel like Christmas was, I was a little more on point, and had my decorations up earlier, and had my Christmas shopping done earlier cause I actually had time to do it,” Underwood revealed. “This year I actually got Mike a present!”

Would you want cows for Christmas? You can watch Underwood talk about her new pets in the video below!