Luke Bryan’s Wife Hires Stripping Pilot For “Pranksmas” Joke On Sister-In-Law

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

On the fourth day of Pranksmas, the Bryans gave to me…

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, took her family’s Christmas tradition of practical jokes to new heights. Caroline pulled a prank on her sister-in-law, Ellen, while traveling on a private plane, and she filmed the entire stunt for Instagram.

“Ellen cringes at any uncomfortable situation so I wanted to make this was super awkward,” Caroline wrote in her caption.

In the video footage, the plane’s pilot visits the passengers and reveals that he is “in training.” If those words were not horrifying enough, the pilot then awkwardly asks everyone to meditate with him. The passengers humor him, but the look on Ellen’s face reveals that she is anything but comfortable.


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“I’m a pilot in training, so I got a lot to learn,” the pilot explains in the footage. “It’s been a weird time this year, so if you guys want to close your eyes and meditate with me for a few minutes.”

For the grand finale, Caroline had one more surprise planned for her sister-in-law. The pilot turned on the Warrant song “Cherry Pie” and treated the passengers to a PG level strip show. The charade causes a priceless amount of embarrassment and squealing from Caroline’s guests.

You can watch the full prank in the video below!


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