Carrie Underwood’s Mom Joins Her To Perform “The Champion” At 2019 Show In Tulsa

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood received a little help from her fans throughout her Cry Pretty Tour 360 in 2019.

Before the tour kicked off, she asked people to send in videos of themselves performing Ludacris’ rap in their song, “The Champion.” Carrie said she would then pick fans from each tour stop to perform the rap with her live on stage.

It’s obvious that Carrie has some talented fans, because we witnessed some incredible performances of “The Champion” over the course of the tour.

When Carrie arrived in her home state of Oklahoma for a show in Tulsa on October 24, 2019, she enlisted her biggest fan to help her on “The Champion.” And that fan was none other than her mom, Carole.

Fans will recognize Carole from Carrie’s music video for her 2010 single, “Mama’s Song.” Carole stars in the music video, as does Carrie’s husband, Mike Fisher.

Through that video, Carole proved she can be a good actress. Now, nine years later, she proved she’s also an expert rapper!

Carrie took to Instagram to share a video of her collaborative performance of “The Champion” with her mom.

The crowd cheered like wild when Carrie welcomed Carole to the stage. Without hesitation, Carole burst into Ludacris’ rap, while Carrie danced around and threw out a line every now and then.

In the caption to the video, Carrie shared that she actually had to help her mom out, saying, “I kept trying to keep her on track! At the end, she said Carole asked her if she did “ok,” and it seems Carrie thinks she did.

Who knew Mom could rap?!” Carrie wrote

We certainly didn’t know that Carole could rap! You can watch her epic performance with Carrie in the clip below.

After Carole finished rapping, she remained on stage with Carrie and continued to sing the rest of the song with her. What an awesome moment they’re both sure to treasure forever!