Chris Stapleton Says He’s “Proud” Of Beyoncé

Credit: Twitter/JakeGThompson (Left), Yahoo! Music (Right)

In the middle of one of the biggest controversies in country music, the man who is credited with “bringing back country” speaks up about his opinion of the R&B and pop star that appeared during the 50th Annual CMA Awards.

Chris Stapleton isn’t one to mince words. He just says it like it is and his music reflects his return to the raw, no filtered, sound of country music from the past infused with different parts of modern country, but with all the hubbub surrounding Beyoncé and her surprise CMA Awards appearance – he reveals what he thinks of ‘Queen B’.

Meeting up with Beyoncé during the dress rehearsal on Tuesday (November 1st), Stapleton got a good feeling from his interaction from her and he appears really happy that she took time out to perform for the country folks.

“I did meet Ms. Beyoncé yesterday, briefly, and she was very kind,” Stapleton tells reporters after the CMAs had concluded. “Everybody was running around, getting ready for the rehearsals and all that kind of thing. We didn’t have a very long conversation – we talked about what food is good in town.”

Their interaction, while brief, gave him a very good feeling about the whole situation – something that cannot be said for many country fans outraged by the injection of pop music into the 50th annual awards show, which is mainly due to the heavy advertising that pushed the “honoring legends” vibe.

Stapleton continues on to say that Beyoncé is “everything you want her to be” adding that “She is a classy, classy lady, and I’m proud she could take the time to come and show up.” 

While it’s clear that Stapleton is appreciative of her talent as an artist and valued her breaking away from her current projects to perform, it’s clear that a large number of viewers will disagree with him.

Watch the video below of Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks performing “Daddy Lessons” at the CMAs.