Coast Guard Jumps On Moving Submarine Hauling 17,000 lbs Of Cocaine

U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area / VOA News / YouTube

The U.S. Coast Guard made quite the drug bust in the Eastern Pacific Ocean in June 2019, and footage from that bust has just been released.

On July 11, the U.S. Coast Guard released footage showing crew members of the Cutter Munro in pursuit of a partially submerged submarine. In the video, you can hear one crew member yelling at the submarine to stop.

After those instructions were ignored, the Coast Guard decided to resort to dramatic measures. The footage shows members leaping onto the back of the moving submarine.

VOA News / YouTube

One crew member makes his way up front and furiously starts beating on the hatch, prompting one of the occupants to open it.

The U.S. Coast Guard told NBC News that five suspected smugglers and approximately 17,000 lbs of cocaine were found inside the submarine. According the publication, the estimated street value of the drugs is $232 million.

This bust was just one of many that occurred between the months of May and July. NBC News states that a total of 14 drug-smuggling vessels were intercepted over that period, resulting in the seizure of 39,000 lbs of cocaine.

Vice President Mike Pence addressed the courageous members of the U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday when they unloaded the drugs in San Diego, California.

Make no mistake about it, Coasties, your courageous service is saving American lives,” Pence said, as quoted by NBC News.

Now, tune in to the video below to see the dramatic drug bust in which the U.S. Coast Guard seized 17,000 lbs of cocaine from a moving submarine. They had to have some serious nerve to do that!