Cody Johnson Shares Details About New Single

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Cody Johnson Readies New Single “The Painter” – It’s The First Song From His Upcoming Album Leather

In April, Cody Johnson shared some details about his next album with KMLE Country 107.9. He revealed its title is Leather:

This round of 24 songs I have to say is the best round of songs I have ever recorded and I feel like that’s the way it should be,” Johnson said. “Each album should outdo the last one.

Johnson previously shared he recorded a duet with Carrie Underwood. He told CMT’s Cody Alan the duet is on his new album.

While Johnson shared all of that information, he did not name an exact release date for Leather. He said fans could expect it, “maybe by the end of the year, maybe next year.”

Now, Johnson has narrowed down the timeline a bit.

Leather Is Coming Out “This Fall,” But Cody’s New Single Will Be Out In August

Johnson recently shared more details about Leather with Spencer Graves of iHeart Radio. He gave a narrowed time frame for the album’s release, saying it should be out “this fall.”

“…I’m not sure if it will be November or December, the first part of my deluxe album will come out…” he said.

But those who are anxious to hear new music from Johnson don’t have to wait that long. He revealed that his new single, “The Painter,” is set for release on August 14.

Cody Johnson performing
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“So August 14th, we have a new single going to radio, it’s called ‘The Painter,'” he said.


We can’t wait to hear “The Painter” and the rest of the tracks on Leather. In the meantime, enjoy Johnson’s outstanding performance of “Whoever’s in New England” with Reba McEntire during this year’s CMA Fest.