Coyote Struck By Car Gets Removed From Grill In Parking Lot

San Diego Humane Society / Twitter

San Diego Humane Society shared a captivating video of wildlife officials rescuing a coyote after it got hit by a car and was stuck in the grill.

San Diego Humane Society / Twitter

What makes the story even wilder is the driver of the car didn’t know the animal was stuck in the front of their vehicle until they pulled into a grocery store parking lot.

Someone in the parking lot spotted the trapped animal and told the driver thinking they had hit a dog. They called the humane society who soon arrived on the scene and got to work helping the coyote out.

Video taken during the incident showed the officials carefully removing the coyote by placing a noose stick around its neck to keep it from biting them.

They moved the grill around until they could get it out and safely get it back into an animal rescue truck. They took the coyote to the Wildlife Center in Ramona and ran x-rays on it where they found it didn’t have any broken bones or fractures.

San Diego Humane Society / Twitter

“Our Humane Officers & vet team rescued a coyote who had been hit by a car and was trapped inside the grill. The coyote was rushed to our Ramona Wildlife Center. X-rays do not reveal any fractures, and the coyote is being treated with fluids & pain meds,” San Diego Humane Society wrote on Twitter.

The coyote will remain at the wildlife center and be treated with fluids and pain medication until it’s ready to be released back into its natural habitat.