Did Tim & Faith Just Reveal The Name Of New Duet?

Larry McCormack/Tennessean

Casually slipping the name out in a new video, these two are being pretty sneaky when it comes to concerts and music these days. Kind of feels like an old Nancy Drew novel!

Just a couple days ago, it was revealed that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were the secret stars behind “Sam & Audrey” scheduled for a night at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. It was a surprise that got them a sold-out show in under 15 minutes – no easy feat by any means!

Following the peculiar announcement of their alter-egos, there was a seemingly endless stream of rumors that they’d be announcing a brand-new world tour during their concert.

To the delight and surprise of their fans – THEY DID! But, what they have remained pretty tight-lipped on is the new music they’ve been working on: A NEW DUET!

In a new teaser video for their upcoming Soul2Soul World Tour, images flash of the lovebird country couple holding hands, going on vacation, and getting music equipment ready.

At about the 0:25 mark, you see Tim’s hand writing something down and an image of his scribble comes through reading:

“Tim & Faith
‘How Do I Get Close To You’

Adding the name of the studio they likely recorded it at, Blackbird, below.

Blackbird Studios is the place where many country artists like Keith Urban choose to record their music and is also run by Martina McBride’s husband John.

It’s likely that the date is when they recorded it, but there’s no way to know for sure until they release it…probably during the promotion of the tour before it takes off.

Check out the clipped frame below with the information in it – and watch the full video below!